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Aaron Bland - The Teacher
Teaching Background
Aaron Bland has taught hundreds of students privately throughout the valley over the past 14 years.  
His students range from young drummers exploring their interest in music to adults looking for guidance and inspiration for active musical projects.
Aaron Bland gives his students the tools needed to find their voice as musicians and develop their own style.
In addition to learning the fundamentals, Aaron Bland’s students are encouraged to explore how these techniques can be combined and applied to develop their own creative voice.
Aaron Bland started studying drums with Rob Laytham (Modern Drummer Magazine columnist and author) for several years before moving to Arizona.  This is where he leaned basic techniques, reading drum set music, mastering ostinatos and the concept of melodic and rhythmic accompaniment on his way to 4-limb independence.
He participated and performed in concert bands, jazz bands, theatre, and choir groups throughout High-School and worked with marching band gurus Joe Leroux, and Wardell King to later come back to several High-Schools and teach.
He continued private study with Bobby Domings to expand his knowledge of poly-rhythms, odd-time playing, linear rhythms, and time functioning patterns.
Every chance he got, he would take private lessons with touring drummers and clinicians including Mike Mangini (Extreme, Steve Vai, Guiness Records “fastest drummer in the world”), Gary Chaffee (jazz guru), Jonathan Mover (Aretha Franklin, Fuel, Alice Cooper, Shakira), and Jim Chapin (moeller method originator).
Aaron Bland still attends clinics and seminars with leading drummers in the industry and looks to study with anyone he can to expand his knowledge of a seemingly endless world of creative rhythmic ideas.
Aaron Bland Teaching Cory Domings, age 5