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Aaron Bland - The Producer
Aaron Bland works as a producer in several capacities using his experience in the music industry to develop musical ideas in to arrangements, songs, demos, and albums for both singer / songwriters, and full bands.  
Additionally, Aaron Bland continues to find himself behind the editing desk of projects ranging from instructional videos, wedding videos, short films, and promotional pieces.  
He is often asked to help aid the creative process, sometimes it is just about overseeing and executing the technical aspect of a project.  Since every session is different, it is important to see what aspects of the project needs to be captured and translated to the desired medium be it graphic, audio, or video.  
Aaron Bland is able to assess what his role is in making the final outcome a close to (better if possible) than the vision of the artist or client.
Production Background
Originally focused on his role as a musician, Aaron Bland discovered that he was just as interested in how the final product came together as he was in how his own parts fit in to the mix.  Looking back, Aaron Bland’s interest in producing music was around long before he made some of his first recordings on a cassette-based karaoke machine, multi-tracking parts as he switched the tapes around to layer more and more parts into the recording.  

His interest grew as he became more involved in projects that needed help achieving a way to archive their musical talent.  Watching professional engineers work on his own recordings, further inspired his interest.  It wasn’t long before he bought a multi-track recorder and began recording bands and original projects.  As the technology progressed, Aaron Bland embraced it by upgrading his equipment; eventually switching to computer based, linear recording and editing.  

In an effort to jump ahead of multi-media trends, he quickly adopted video as a medium that included audio, but catered to visual perception,  creating a multi-sensory experience. Thus, opening up a world of artistic expression that can more effectively convey emotion through art.
Studio-B at B Platinum Studios