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Aaron Bland - The Musician
Aaron Bland has been involved in numerous original and cover projects over the years, including Rock/Pop sensation Lightyear, and high-energy dance powerhouse ENVY.

Always looking to explore new musical horizons, Aaron Bland is constantly pushing forward with ideas to revolutionize the entertainment industry and provide audiences with top-shelf acts and performances.

He manages B Platinum Entertainment and performs with B Platinum which provide entertainment to venues and clients of all kinds.

B Platinum is the perfect project for him because it utilizes his diversity as a player. It allows him to collaborate with some amazing people to create a highly marketable and entertaining group.
Aaron Bland performing at The Marriott Camelback Inn & Resort

1. Six Point Restraint - Self Titled

1998, Blonde Logic records, recorded at vintage studios

2. Lightyear - "Void"

2001, OMR records, recorded at Mind's Eye Studios

3. Lightyear - "7 Bhuddas"

2002, recorded at 7 Bhuddas Studios

4. Lightyear - "Faceless in the crowd"

2004, OMR Records, recorded at AudioCasa &7 Bhuddas studios

5. On the Fly - "Shiznittle Band Project"

2003-2006, recorded at 7 Bhuddas Studios as well as the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

6. 3-Second Delay - production demo

2006, recorded at B Platinum Studios

7. Darkness Dear Boy - "Brand new Carrot on a String"

2010, recorded at Telekon Studios

8. Joseph Phil Tuminello - Demo

2009, recorded at Saltmine Studios

9. B Platinum - "Acoustic Live"

2009, recorded at B Platinum Studios

10. B Platinum - Demo

2010, recorded at B Platinum Studios

11. WINC - various demos, "Arizona"

2009-2011, recorded at various studios

12. Lloyd Thompson - untitled

2010, recorded at Crush Recording

13. Sydney Sprague - Demo

2009, recorded live and mixed at B Platinum Studios

14. Savanah Jasek - Demo

2010, recorded at B Platinum Studios

15. Point Elevation 333 - Soundtrack

2010, recorded at B Platinum Studios

16. Hidden Elements - Comedy & Music Live Recording

2011, recorded at Hidden Elements Studios

17. Jason Markowitz - Demo

2010-1011, recorded at B Platinum Studios

18. Legacy - Wedding Instrumental

2011, recorded at B Platinum Studios

19. Jason Woodard - "Last Time"

2012, recorded at B Platinum Studios